How to run Among Us on Linux using Wine + Lutris


(last time edited: 2021-04-09)

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Among Us is a American science-fiction murder mystery game developed and published by Innersloth on June 15, 2018 for IOS and Android and on August 18, 2018 on PC at Steam. The game follows a group of crewmates which, among them, has an impostor who goal is sabotage their space-ship and kill everyone.

Buy or grab from the Internet a Windows DRM-Free copy of the Among Us game and run md5sum on it to check its integrity.

The md5 hash for (Version 65) should be b1174bfdcdccd4a859f3c683319040a5

$ md5sum

Install unzip on your system.

Extract the game files. Unzip will create the directory if it doesn't exist.

$ unzip -d /path/to/Games

Check if your game was correctly extracted.

$ ls /path/to/Games

Install Lutris on your system.

Lutris is an open gaming platform for Linux. It helps you install and manage your games in a unified interface. Our goal is to support every game that runs on Linux, from native to Windows games (via Wine) to emulators and browser games. The desktop application and the website are libre software.

When you start Lutris you already should be able to add Among Us into the library.

Add the Executable in the Game options tab.

Make sure you choose Runner: Wine (Runs windows games) in the Game info tab.

In order to run the game we will download Wine via Lutris platform instead of downloading a distro repo version on our system.

Wine enables Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, and Solaris users to run Windows applications without a copy of Microsoft Windows. Wine is free software under constant development. Other platforms may benefit as well.

You can also configure your Runners.

At the time of making this guide I used a Wine version distributed by the Lutris platform: lutris-5.7.9-x86_64. Feel free to try different versions. Some may possibly experience crashes or hangups. However, this is not recommended but if you have trouble with it just buy the game on Steam, it's not the greatest option but Proton works incredibly well on Among Us.

If Lutris starts asking for wine-mono and other dependencies don't panic! Those are also important data files used by Wine. Accept and download everything.

Happy gaming!

How to get all event specific cosmetic hats

For halloween hats change the system date as root and launch the game. You may possibly need to create an online match to unlock them. Not completely sure.

# date +%Y%m%d -s "20200901"

Same applies for christmas hats.

# date +%Y%m%d -s "20201224"