2021-04-29 Docker vs Podman - Introduction to modern app containers

2021-03-29 RSS for dummies, straight forward guide to Sfeed

2021-03-25 Friendship ended with KeePassXC, now UNIX's pass is my best friend

2021-03-23 Gomuks - xbps-src template for Void Linux

2021-03-14 How to install Void Linux + ZFS + ZFSBootMenu (Native Root Encryption on SSD + 2nd HDD w/ LVM on LUKS2)

2021-02-06 Setting up a personal netplay relay server for Libretro / RetroArch

2021-02-04 Goodbye ZNC, hello pounce.

2021-01-30 Embracing simple-mtpfs as the true MTP tool

2021-01-25 TCP/IP basics and practical UNIX network tools

2021-01-12 Are servers dead yet?

2021-01-10 Transferring files made easy using SSH/SFTP

2020-12-29 Patching suckless software (st - simple terminal)

2020-12-24 ungoogled-chromium as default daily browser

2020-11-28 How to manually debug scripts the interactive REPL way

2020-11-21 Experimenting with the ED64P chinese bootleg cartridge for N64