2021-10-03 PipeWire and the future of Audio in Linux

2021-09-03 PyPI packaging, directory structure and publishing our Python software

2021-07-05 Flatpak - Simple guide on how to make bloat your friend and not your enemy

2021-06-17 streamdeck-ui - Open-source Streamdeck software for Elgato (Void Linux glibc)

2021-06-17 Linux Cross Configuration

2021-06-09 Encrypting and filtering DNS queries using dnsmasq + dnscrypt-proxy in a local server

2021-05-13 Samba networking with OPL on a Sony Playstation 2 SPCH-90010

2021-04-11 Tamagotchi gone Pi-wild! Kicking networks with Pwnagotchi

2021-04-29 Docker vs Podman - Introduction to modern app containers

2021-03-29 RSS for dummies, straight forward guide to Sfeed

2021-03-25 Friendship ended with KeePassXC, now UNIX's pass is my best friend

2021-03-23 Gomuks - xbps-src template for Void Linux

2021-03-14 How to install Void Linux + ZFS + ZFSBootMenu (Native ZFS Encryption on SSD + LVM/LUKS2 on HDD)

2021-02-06 Setting up a personal netplay relay server for Libretro / RetroArch

2021-02-04 Goodbye ZNC, hello pounce.